Java - HTML/JavaScript T/F Template Generator

Short Java Program demostrating how generate T/F Questions for html and javscript. copy and paste! (:

Things to know

  1. If you like to use the code to generate questions, you can compile the code online using by using the link provided you will not need to download a java compiler.

  2. If you would like change the number of questions to generate, please change x to any integer value under 120 instead of 10 (default value).

------------------------------------- Java OutPut ------------------------------------ image1

------------------------------------- Java OutPut 2 ------------------------------------ image2

------------------- Java Output Copied and Pasted into plain text file -----------------
- Add your own Questions by typing any text you would like after the semicolon (Question 0: your question goes here)!
- For True results make JavaScript form.skill[0].checked
- For False results make JavaScript form.skill[1].checked image3

--------------------------- Saving Document as .html to desktop ---------------------------- image4

-------------------- Opening .html file from desktop to get this output (: -------------------- image5