Java - Activity Generator

This generator will create a activity folder for any html/php questionaire project. The first prompt asks the user to input a string ("chapter") for the folder it is going to create on your desktop. The second prompt asks the user to input a second string for the "section" folder its wanting to create inside the chapter folder. A menu will appear asking the user to select a menu option. When selecting options 2-4 to generate questions, activity counter has incremented, so when generating your first set of questions, activity is set to 1, if you decide to generate more questions under the same section, the acitivty counter will increament by 1 each time. There is a option to create a new section folder, if you choose to create a new section, activity counter resets. New section New start. Dont create the javascript file until you have completed generating all the questions for the section, once creat_JS is called the array resets and the code is gone, also you must call print JS after each section is completed, otherwise the JS file is going to have duplicate code. I will be working more validations soon, for now as long as your inputs are correct, this is the fastest method to generate multiple question of diffrent types and same types without having to create new folders and php files. its copy and paste and ready to go. When looking at my example below you will see that all I am doing is grabbing the files and dropping them in my demo folder. After Pasting I then opened the demo.php and included the files. The JS file was included in the header. Also below are some photos of the mobile output when going to I am able to add java code to the generator for allowing answers which will be coming soon in My Index -> My Tools below Demo 1 (Which will also be very simple, If your going to enter T/F answers you just put 1 or 0).

INPUT Section 1

outputi2 outputi3 outputin4

INPUT Section 2

outputin4 outputi5 outputi6


outputout6 outputo7 outputo8 outputo9 outputo10


outputc11 outputc12


outputjs13 outputjs14