Python - Template Generator Application (Beta)

This generator is the remastered version of the demo 1 using Python. Watching a video demonstration would be the best before using the code. The application will open on the desktop with a few options, you will input a integer value for chapter name and section name (also a integer value) and then begin to generate code. For example, if I am generating questions for chapter 1 section 1, I will select a option to generate then input a integer value of amount of questions I would like to generate for that activity next to the generator button. Once generator button is pressed, the output will appear on your specified path as a .php file. As long as section value remains the same, everytime you decide to generate html code, it will be named to that specific section. Again the JavaScript file should be generated once you have completed generating the last activity for that section, otherwise you will have duplicate code. Once a new value is inserted into the section input, and you begin to generate, it will be named specifically to that section. Please watch the video tutorial before generating questions. &

Template Generator using Python Demo

File OutPuts after using Application


demo_2 folder

image1 image2

demo_3 folder

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