Template Generator Complete v1

This page will give detailed information on the completed version of my Activity Template Generator. Below are images of the code ouput, video demostration, and steps on using the application when it becomes available.

Example of demo page generated: demo

  1. Enter a chapter name and section name for the folder names. Also user must enter output location in the path entry.
  2. User can select 1 of 3 options to generate, then enter an integer value for the amount of questions to be generated.
  3. Once the user has completed generating all questions for the section, the user is required to print the Javascript file otherwise the application will give an error.
  4. If the user would like to create another section for more activites, the user can enter a new section name and click "create folder". After creating a new section, just follow the first 3 steps again.
  5. Once the user has completed generating all activites for the chapter, the user has the option to click "print headers". Below will show an example of the header output.



JavaScript OUTPUT


Section Page OUPUT


Header OUPUT


Video Demonstration